Dark Nova RPG

A Lesson in Overkill

"Any salvage"

From the Files of Dark Nova- Chapter 1: A Lesson in Overkill

During one of our playtesting sessions, Orren played the part of a privateer captain who had assembled his own decent-sized fleet of pirate hunters. While chasing down a group of pirates, he managed to find and engage their main fleet- a dozen Stiletto-class marauders and a Daimyo heavy raider. The following took place thereupon-

Orren (playing the captain of the fleet’s flagship destroyer): Sam, lock on to the Daimyo and hit it hard
Sam (his gunner): Define hard…
Orren: Use your discretion, but remember that fricking thing is armoured and shielded like hell.
Ken (engineer): Um….
Sam: Got it, full salvos from all port missile batteries
GM (me): Um….
Orren (distracted by rolling piloting checks): Yeah, go for it
Mike (captain of an escort corvette): Engaging the Stilettos flanking the Daimyo to clear a path
Sam: Firing full salvo, all 160 anti-ship missiles… rolls dice Yay! Critical hit!
GM and Ken (in unison): Oh shi….
Orren (looking up from dice): Wait, what?
GM (rolling dice): Point defense batteries were manned by drunken monkeys, only 13% intercepted.
Sam (totaling up damage dice): K, that gives me…. wow…. 1,566,000 hull points of damage….
GM: ho-ly shit, the damned thing only had 60,000 TOTAL between armour, shields, and structure… You killed it 26 times over! Oh, and Mike?
Mike: oh hell….
GM: Yeah, you got caught in the shockwave. You’re down to 1,500 structure, no armour or shields, one engine BARELY working
Sam: um… oops?
Orren: Any salvage?
GM: (Gibbs-smacks Orren)



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